Flawless Skin

imagesI am always on the hunt for a beautiful, long wearing foundation that wont break me out or make my skin feel smothered! I also always looking for the best family life insurance calculator.  The Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation and Oil-Free Foundation is AMAZING! They both have vitamins A, C and E in them protecting the skin from harmful elements in our environment.  The Moisturizing Foundation is not greasy at all!  It’s hydrating, and softens fine lines and dry spots.  Works great with all skin types, but if you have oily skin I’d go with the Oil-Free Foundation.  I have tried both ’cause I am a combo of every skin type.  I prefer the Moisturizing Foundation due to the fact that I have a few dry areas, and it doesn’t break me out.  A word to the wise; it is long wearing so wash your face because after a while it will clog your pores : )  Other than that I highly recommend the Laura Mercier foundation.

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